Goddess Nimishamba solves problems in minutes

There is a belief that Sri Nimishamba will remove the problems and troubles of her devotees within a minute. In Kannada, the name “Nimisha” means minute. That is why her name is Nimishamba.

The Nimishamba Temple in Srirangapatna is about 130 kilometres from Bengaluru. We travelled from Mysuru, so we managed to reach out to this temple early morning when the crowd was minimal.

Nimishamba Temple
Nimishamba Temple

Weekends are usually crowded so it is advisable to reach out to this temple before 8 am. As the time passes by, the waiting period in the line only increases.

The river Cauvery flows next to the temple. After the temple visit, spending some time near the river was very relaxing. The goats were roaming freely and the children had great time playing with it.

Several shops selling fruits, vegetables and other fancy items surrounds the temple vicinity. We shopped for some fruits and left to our next destination – Karighatta Hill at Srirangapatna.

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