Channa Bathura at Hotel Kadamba Veg

There is no dearth for a good restaurant in Bengaluru – Mysuru road. If you are travelling in this highway, you no need to wait for hours to find a suitable eatery.

It is very surprising to see plenty of vehicles parked in restaurants like MTR and Kamath. I wonder how they accommodate all of them.

There is one more restaurant in Bangalore Mysore highway cropped up recently. The Hotel Kadamba Veg near Kengari after the NICE road junction. Not to get confused with the one in the Kengeri bus terminal building. I guess these are all chain of restaurants.

They call themselves “Hotel Kadamba Veg” but I doubt if they offer any lodging. I have seen so many restaurants named as Hotel without understanding the differences between these two names. Who cares? Good food is what matters!

Kadamba Veg
Inside Hotel Kadamba Veg

The food is not bad here. I would say above average (or above good). The ambience was perfect for a family. I would give this restaurant 7 out of 10 for the ambience and food as well.

Channa Bathura

Chenna Bathura
Channa Bathura

Hot-n-Sour Soup (Indian Style?)

Hot n Sour Veg Soup
Hot n Sour Veg Soup

We had a great appreciation for Hot-n-Sour soup and Chenna Bathura.


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