Karighatta Hill Srirangapatna

The Karighatta hill in Srirangapatna is never the same when I visited this place about twenty years ago. The roads are superb now, more devotees are visiting this temple and there are more people around (in the day).

Atop Karighatta hill is the Lord Venkateshwara temple. Recently we visited this temple on a special day, during the weekend when the temple was crowded.

Lord Venkateshwara Temple at Karighatta

Karighatta Temple
Karighatta Temple

We drove from the Nimishamba temple to the Karighatta; it was sheer fun driving to this little hill station with few steep curves.

View from the Hill

View from Karighatta Hill

The motorcyclist would surely love to ride here. I suppose many are not aware of this beautiful place.

Anybody on a road trip to Srirangapatna – Mysuru may consider giving a visit to this hill. In fact, there are so many other places to see here around.

Cauvery River – down the hill

Cauvery River
Cauvery River

It is a very small hill so there is no houses, lodges etc. Do not go there in the night.

Further reading: Lord Venkateswara


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