Bangalore to Mangalore Road Trip

The Bengaluru Mangaluru highway is the ultimate road for the motorcyclist. It gives the best motorcycling experience. Even driving a car here is a sheer pleasure.

Maruti Swift Mirror
Motorcycle in the rear view mirror

On a Saturday morning, we left our house without planning and reservation. The idea was to spend the weekend faraway from Bengaluru. Our only plan was to leave the city early in the morning before the traffic piles up.

We started at 5.45 am and took the ring road from Kammanahalli. We managed to hit the Tumkur highway without wasting much time.

The only place we slowed down was in the flyover connecting the Tumkur road where an overloaded multi-axle truck was moving inch by inch. The width of the truck occupied the entire road. Not that the truck was bigger in width but the flyover is too small to overtake.

The time wasted was negligible. Within few minutes, we were in Tumkur road and finally took that crucial turn towards Mangalore. Yes, we decided to spend our weekend in Mangaluru.

Highway Ride
Motorcycle ride on Bangalore Mangalore Highway

As we were cruising in the highway, we saw at least fifty motorcycles. Some of them in a group and few alone. We even saw the couples riding. What a way to spend the weekend!

The restaurants in the highway were yet to open. The restaurants would not open here before 7.45 am. I guess. However, I saw these restaurants flooded with customers while returning.

We stopped in Yediyur at the New Anand Bhavana for breakfast. The food was not bad here but the price was too high. Well, we may not be a returning customer. We will certainly try other restaurants on the highway.

The drive was fantastic up to Hassan. The four-lane road ends here. From Hassan to Mangalore, it was an adventurous drive. The real pleasure was driving in the Shiradi Ghat amidst lush greeneries.

Car Wreck
Car Wreck – Shiradi Ghat

We stopped for a coffee near the Manjarabad fort, a few kilometres from Sakleshpur. We did not visit the fort as we were running short of time. By this time, we somehow managed to book a room in Summer Sands Beach Resort in Ullal.

Our two days stay in the resort was a memorable one. I would suggest my friends to visit this place if they can afford to spend seven thousand rupees in a beach resort.

We decided to have our lunch in Mangalore and Googled for a good restaurant. Machali was trending. We had our lunch there but that did not impress us.

We left Mangalore at around 3 pm. The narrow road and little traffic slowed us down for an hour. Our drive in Shiradi Ghat was more beautiful this time. Guess what, it was raining very badly.

We stopped at the same shop near the fort. We liked the snacks and the coffee was good.

Solo Ride to Mangalore
Solo Ride to Mangalore

The traffic was very friendly until we neared Nelamangala. The traffic nightmare gradually increased as we approached Namma Bengaluru. By 10.30 pm, we were in Pink Berry to pickup our dose of Kingfisher Beers.

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