Summer Sands Beach Resort Ullal

The Summer Sands Beach Resort can be an awesome destination for those planning for a weekend getaway from Bengaluru. Whether you are driving or cruising in your motorcycle, the highway has lots to offer.

It was a last weekend for the children before the school started. Our decision to go out was all of a sudden. We left our home early Saturday morning without any reservations or plans.

We drove towards the Tumakuru road and took a turn to Mangalore.  This is where we decided to go to Mangaluru. What about our stay then? We tried to book our rooms through mobile Apps but all were full or priced very high.

Somewhere near Shakleshpur, we managed to book a cottage in Summer Sands Beach Resort (Ullal). We were happy that at least we got the room to stay for the night. Later it turned out to be a wonderful weekend to remember always.

Cottage Summer Sands Beach Resort
Cottage – Summer Sands Beach Resort

Driving from Bangalore to Mangalore was a memorable experience. The four lane roads until Hassan and the curvy steep roads of Shiradi Ghat and the view of coffee estates in Shakleshpur was just mind-blowing. You may wish to read my Bangalore to Mangalore post.

We reached our destination by noon. The Google map showed that we were almost near the beach, say about 200 meters. However, we did not get the view of the sea until we got into the beach resort.

As we entered the Resort, the first person to see us was the security. He ensured that we have come here to stay and allowed the car inside.

Reception Summer Sands
Reception – Summer Sands Beach Resort

The second person we met was a woman in the reception. She helped us with the bookings and arranged a porter to show us to the cottage. No welcome drink, no introduction, nothing! We were not thirsty either…

The receptionist was kind enough to allot our rooms in one cottage. We regained our hopes after checking inside the cottage. The rooms were very spacious, clean, well maintained and adequately furnished.

Rooms in Summer Sands
Cottages, bed, sofas and writing table with mirror.

The sofas, chairs, writing tables, mirrors, mini-refrigerator, storages, LED TV etc. were all there as per the standards.

What let us down was the Medimix soap and the clinic plus shampoo in the washroom. For the price we paid for the room, we expected aromatic soaps and shampoos. We paid Rs. 7500 per room. Isn’t that little pricey?

The kitchen was about to close by 2.30 pm. We hurried to the dining hall (near the beach) and ordered for beer and food in one go.

Kingfisher Draught
Kingfisher Draught Beer tasted fresh

We ordered for the Kingfisher draught beer. We were so tired and thirsty that we gulped the beer like a sugarcane juice. The beer was super smooth and super chilled.

I am a fan of fish curry and rice so ordered for it. After a couple of mugs of beer, the fish curry rice tasted double awesome!

Fish curry rice & roti
Fish curry and rice, roti & Bisleri water

The beach showed us some high tide. The lifeguard warned us to not to venture in after a certain point. We did play in the beach for a while and returned to the pool. The children swam in the pool as if they will never see the pool again. We had to drag them out. Their eyes had turned red by then.

Swimming Pool
Pool for adults and children in the resort.

The only time we saw the crowed was during the dinnertime. The best thing about this resort is sea facing dining. There were tables outside the dining hall also. The guest could enjoy the full view of the beautiful sea in the dark. The rhythmic sound of the waves was so soothing.

For the amount we paid for the room, the resort offered complimentary breakfast and dinner for two. They charged additional Rs. 1000 each for the kids.

The dinner was a combination of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods with the spreads good enough to try all. I liked the open-air ambience, the view of a ship, the stars, delicious foods, the beer, live music and so on. I should admit that the food were just awesome.

It was a testing time for the resorts hospitality. The waiters ensured to visit our table every few minutes to check if we wanted anything. They refilled the beer as it bottomed out, as they do it in the pubs.

Live Music Beach
Live Music near the beach (Summer Sands)

I loved the live music played by the two young men. They played Kannada, Hindi and some English numbers. It was a lovely night.

Next day, we were in time for the breakfast. It was a typical south Indian menu like idli, vada, dosa and some continentals like chicken sausages, cornflakes etc.

Breakfast at Summer Sands
Breakfast at Summer Sands

Until noon, we strolled within the resort property checking out the cottages and villas that looked alike but in different bright colours. The plants and trees appeared bright green, thanks to the rains.

We loved the food so much in the resort that we planned to have our lunch here. However, we wanted to try the local cuisine in a different restaurant and decided to go to Mangaluru for our lunch. Google showed us a popular restaurant – Machali.

Further reading:
Ullal is a small city about 8-10 kms south of Mangalore city. Read about it in Wikipedia. You may also wish to read my Bangalore to Mangalore post.

Route Map


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