Fish Curry & Rice at Machali Mangalore

If you are a fan of seafoods, Mangalore is the ultimate place to try them all. Not only seafoods, any food for that matter. The food here tastes just good.

We Googled for the best seafood restaurants in Mangalore, the Tripadvisor website popped out with this popular restaurant – Machali.

The Summer Sands resort in Ullal is not far away from Mangalore. It may be about 8-10 kms. We left the resort by 12.45 pm and with the help of Google maps, we managed to arrive at Machali in Mangalore by 1.30 pm.

Machali – Coastal Karnataka Cuisine Restaurant

Machali Mangalore
Machali Mangalore

The Machali restaurant is a small one that can accommodate about 50 guests at a time. We did not face parking issues, as there was a dedicated parking space opposite to the restaurant.

No tables were free inside the restaurant. More than 20 guests were waiting outside for the table. A person standing near the door managed the customers very efficiently. He allocated the seats according to the number of people in a group.

After thirty minutes wait, we got our table. My order was fish curry & rice and mussels fry. The rice meal came first and the mussels fry after some time.

Fish Curry & Rice on a plate

Fish Curry & Rice
Fish Curry & Rice – Machali

The fish curry & rice was good but I should admit that it was delicious at Summer Sands Beach Resort in Ullal. May be, if I had not eaten there, I would have rated the food here to a higher level.

I had mussels for the first time about ten years ago in Electronic city, Bengaluru, while working for Hewlett Packard. I liked it but I did not get a chance to eat it until I visited the Machali restaurant.

Mussel Fry with Shells

Mussel Fry with Shells
Mussel Fry with Shells – Machali Mangaluru

The mussel fry in Machali was little different. It came with the shells. They had prepared it that way. To separate the shell and pull out the meat was a kind of adventure. What I had earlier was without shells.

The food in Machali is not bad. The prawns fry was finger licking good. There were other seafood dishes, waiting for our next visit. No fish curry and rice but.

If you are wondering what Mussel is – Wikipedia to help.


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