Chamundi Hills, Mysuru

The Chamundi hill is a popular destination in Mysore. Whether you are travelling by car, motorcycle or a public transport… the sheer joy of ascending or descending the hill is splendid.

At the summit of the hill is the temple dedicated to the goddess Chamundeshwari. Devotees throng this temple in large numbers during the weekends and on the special days dedicated to the goddess.

Mahishasura, Chamundi Hill


As one enters the temple complex, the first sight he or she will witness is the beautiful statue of Mahishasura. If you happen to be here, ensure a selfie for yourself.

I always prefer to visit the hill temple early in the morning or during the sunset to witness the beautiful view of Mysuru.

Mysore Race Course – View from Bull Road

Mysore Race Course
Mysore Race Course

This time I was at the top of the hill by 7 am and was surprised to see many visitors already there. The parking space near the statue was full. Never matter; there was enough parking space but little far.

Parking at Chamundi
Parking at Chamundi

The temple witnesses large crowd during the weekends and on the special days or months like Ashada. Praying to the goddess Chamundeshwari during the month of Ashada is very auspicious. During these days, the incoming tourists are enormous. Just before a day I visited, the devotees had to park their vehicles at the foot of the hill and had to board the public transport to reach the top of the hills.

Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple
Chamundeshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills.

After spending some time in the temple complex, I drove down towards Mysuru via Bull road. Apparently, there was no crowd near the bull.

The bull road is very steep and requires expert level skills to drive here. However, it is fun to zoom down from this road.

A few yards from the foothills, I came across Trin-Trin cycle hub, a bicycle sharing company in Mysore. They have about 48 hubs across Mysuru. The members can hire the bicycle from any of these hubs and return to any of the hubs across the city.

Trin Trin Hub JC Road, Mysore

Trin Trin Cycle Hub
Trin Trin Cycle Hub – JC Road, Mysuru

The membership fee is very nominal and the quality of the cycles is at par. For those planning a bicycle ride to the hill, they can hire a geared cycle. Here is a post about Trin-Trin from Mysore Web.

I am regular to his temple. How about you.


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