Mysore to Nanjangud Temple (Dakshina Kashi)

Nanjangud is a popular temple city near Mysore. Lord Srikanteshwara (Shiv) is the main deity of the main temple here. Though known in the same name, the devotees also refer to this temple as Lord Nanjundeshwara temple. The temple is also famous as Dakshina Kashi.

Nanjangud Temple

Nanjangud Temple
Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangud.

People travelling from Bengaluru should pass through Mysuru to reach the temple city. The distance from Mysore to Nanjangud is less than 25 kilometres and the travel time is less than hour.

It is possible to visit Nanjangud and return to Bangalore the same day. However, I would not suggest this as it is always good to stay in Mysore, visit the temple and return to Bengaluru. This way, the traveller will get some time to explore Mysuru and nearby places.

Shiva Statue
Lord Shiva Statue at Nanjangudu

As usual, I reached the Palace city by Friday night. My three colleagues decided to travel from Bengaluru by bus on Saturday. As planned, they were in Mysore by 9 am.

I picked them from the bus stand and headed to the Srikanteshwara Temple. The Mysore Nanjangud road is smooth like never before. Couple of years ago, this road was one of the dangerous road to drive. The road accidental deaths were common sight. However, the situation is different now.

Nanjundeshwara Temple
Nanjundeshwara Temple

It took less than an hour for us to reach the temple. With fewer crowd, we got an opportunity to complete our rituals very soon and head to our next destination.

Before leaving, we wandered in the temple premises and took some photographs. We saw the temple elephant and took some selfies in front of the giant Shiva statue.

Temple Elephant
Temple Elephant, Nanjangud Temple.

My next destination was to drop my three colleagues to the Mysore bus stand so that they can reach Bengaluru by lunchtime!

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