Weekend in Cubbon Park

The best weekend spent in Bengaluru is a weekend spent in Cubbon Park. If you are resident or a traveller, you got to visit this place with your family, especially with children. The best part of this park is that we all can breathe a fresh air, at least on Sundays when the park closes its gates to the vehicular traffic.

The Cubbon Park is not only an eco-space but also a tourist destination. The tourists can have a glimpse of heritage buildings like the Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, The Bengaluru High Court and The Vidhana Soudha. All located within and surrounding the park.

Last Saturday was our children’s day out at the Jawahara Bal Bhavan, a dedicated Children’s play area. Though this setup is very old and has not seen much change for a long time, it is no less in entertaining the children and elders alike and a pocket friendly too.

The Toy Train (Video)

You would have travelled in train several times but riding a toy train is entirely a different experience. The Cubbon Park is the only place in Bengaluru or may be in entire Karnataka State that offers a jolly ride in a toy train. At Rs. 20 per ride, it is more than worth the price!

The Jawahara Bal Bhavan may not be as big as other amusement parks in Bengaluru but it will never fail to entertain the visitors. There are only two rollercoaster rides in the park and I am sure that will amuse you. There is also a mini toy train exclusively for kids that will make their day worth spent. As you explore the Children’s park, you will come across more games like seesaw and swing that will make your children not to go home with you without playing them.

If you feel thirsty or hungry, there are shops to cater to all your needs. Check out the cotton candy that is prepared in front of you. Why not buy some bhel-puri or ice creams.

If you are listing out the places to visit in Bangalore, this is the must visit. Please watch my YouTube video embedded in this post. The Cubbon Park is more than what you explore in this post. For firsthand experience, drop in here on a Sunday.


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